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Frank Howcroft - The Diary of an Air Raid Warden - 1942
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Jan 11 1942

At 00-05 the sirens sounded and it was a case of leaving a warm bed. There had been aircraft cruising about for some time, so I was not really surprised to hear the alert, but it would have been better an hour earlier. It was very dark out, no moon at all, and it was cold, too. However, wardens Bullough and Hubberstey were also out on duty. The S.P.W. came to visit us and said that an order from the 1 st Jan stated that all shelters had to be visited and the number of people using them to be reported at the post. C. Bullough and myself made the inspection, and found as we expected that they were not tenanted. On our return the “Raiders Passed” signal sounded at 00-35, so we reported at the post and then returned home. There was some activity on Merseyside, but we did not see anything as visibility was bad.

July 28 1942

After a lapse of over six months the sirens sounded the alert at 01-55. I was out in a few minutes and at the rendezvous to greet the other wardens. Wardens Hubberstey, Duxbury, Brabin, Chadwick, and Bullough soon appeared quite ready for any emergency. Apart from a little gunfire early there was no incident. J.Brabin and I went to the post to book the others on duty, whilst there the “Raiders Passed” sounded so we went home. It was a night of the full moon. All the rooftops reflecting the silver light.

July 30 1942

The sirens about 02-20 hours again interrupted our sleep. Again nothing occurred worth recording. All our area wardens turned out for duty. The loveliness of the morning compensated our early awakening. When the “Raiders Passed” sounded at 02-50 I went to the post to report all wardens on duty before returning home. I was on holiday from Aug 8 th to 15 th . Three alerts were sounded Aug 9 th , 00-08 to 00-35, Aug 10 th , 00-35 to 01-23, Aug 12 th, 01-40 to 02-30. No bombs were dropped locally.

Aug 23 1942

The sirens sounded another alert at 22-50 hours but as we heard no aircraft about we came to the correct conclusion that we would not be kept out long. The “Raiders Passed” signal sounding at 23-15.


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