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Frank Howcroft - The Diary of an Air Raid Warden - June-July 1941
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June 2 1941

After a period of inactivity we were aroused by the sirens at 00-40 hours. I was soon out of doors and was soon glad I had put on my new mackintosh (issued during the week) for cold wind was blowing. Shortly after arriving at the rendezvous numerous flashes in the sky bespoke the presence of raiders. Searchlights and gunfire were active over a wide area, but the enemy's concentration was on Manchester. Several flares were dropped but they did not seem to be of much use in locating targets owing to there being a lot of low clouds. Anyhow, the Hun did not depart without leaving a sample of his handiwork for some bombs were dropped. We had a good muster of wardens on duty. Other than myself were wardens Brabin, Hubberstey, Chadwick, and Bullough. When things died down a little we repaired to our hide-out, and had a cup of tea. Shortly after the “Raiders Passed” sounded at 03-10 so we immediately left for home.

June 12 1941

The sirens awoke me at 01-10 hours and I hastily dressed and made my way to our rendezvous. Mr. Hubberstey was there, and shortly after my arrival wardens Chadwick and Brabin put in an appearance. There was no aerial activity at all and no aircraft came our way, so we were not surprised to hear the “Raiders Passed” sound at 01-40.

Another alert sounded at 03-15 and lasted until 03-42. I did not turn out on this occasion.

June 25 1941

The sirens awoke me at 01-25 and I went out as soon as possible and on letting myself out of the house was greeted by the sounding of the guns in the Manchester direction. It was quite light and warm. It was soon apparent to us that Merseyside was the selected target for the “AA” fire was quite lively. As usual, nothing occurred in our sector, and it was a case of staying out waiting for the “Raiders Passed” signal. This sounded at 02-45 hours and we immediately made for home. Although we were glad to be released form duty, we were surprised because AA fire had been in action only a minute or two earlier. Beside myself wardens Brabin and Hubberstey reported for duty. This alert about announces our first anniversary of alerts, our first warning being Thursday, 20/6/40.

July 5 1941

An alert sounded at 01-37 hours. When I went outside everything was very quiet. It just seemed a matter of waiting for the “Raiders Passed” to sound. Mr. Brabin, Bullough and Chadwick other than myself reported for duty. No aerial activity developed, so when the sirens sounded at 02-00 hours we went home.


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